Best 3D Printing Pen for Every Budget

best 3d printing pens

Update - 2016.11.22We have categorized best models into four different groups with regards to their manufacturer’s suggested retail price. However, you need to keep in mind that these are products where quality comes hand in a hand with a higher price!

3D printing pens are one of the most unique applications of 3D printing technology. Using them is easy, you simply draw anything you want in a manner similar to how you would use a normal pen. But with a 3D printing pen, you’re no longer restricted to the surface of a page.

Instead, your drawings can now come to life in a three-dimensional space.

3D printers are certainly popular, but they require a lot of technical skill to use. With 3D pens, the fun can be enjoyed by all ages. Simply pick it up and see your imagination come to life with your own custom-made 3D objects you created yourself.

If you’re looking to get in on the exciting world of 3D printing, read on to learn about the best models to suit your needs. We have categorized these into four budget categories so no matter your budget, you will get the best product.

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Best 3D Printing Pen Comparison Table

Model Name Technology Best Deals Weight Price
3Doodler Start3doodle start with label 1 Eco Plastic Check Amazon 3.2oz / 90g  $
Soyan3d pen soyan with label PLA / ABS Plastics Check Amazon  2.2oz / 62g $
AtmosFlareatmosflare 3d printing pen Cool Ink Check Amazon  4.6 oz / 118g  $
Sunvezasunveza 3d pen with box  PLA / ABS Plastics Check Amazon 1.92oz / 54g $$
MYNT3Dmynt3d pen with label  ABS Plastics Check Amazon 2.3oz / 65g $$
7TECH7tech 3d printing pen with box PLA / ABS Plastics Check Amazon 2.2oz / 62g $$
MorphPenmorphpen with label  ABS Plastics Check Amazon   2.4oz / 68g $$$
3Doodler Create3doodler create with label ABS Plastics Check Amazon  1.8oz / 50g $$$
SketchProscetchpro 3d drawing pen PLA / ABS Plastics Check Amazon 1.76oz / 50g $$$
Lix Penlix pen with label ABS Plastics Check   1.41oz / 40g $$$$

GENESISgenesis 3d pen with label

PLA / ABS Plastics Check Amazon  1.69oz / 48g $$$$

CreoPopcreopop 3d pen with label

Cool Ink Check Amazon 3.98oz / 113g $$$$

Lack of Time? Then Read This
If you do not want to go through our detailed shopping guide for any reason, here are our best picks in individual categories:

Top 3D Printing Pen under $50.00

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find a great 3D printing pen. These models are simple in design but very easy to use. This makes them perfect for children, or someone who’s just getting started with the exciting world of 3D printing.

Consumebly´s Choice #1 - 3Doodler Start

3doodle start with label 1

Ideal for:
– Kids & Beginners

  • Eco-Plastic filament (biodegradable)
  • Works with low temperatures
  • Chargeable model (lasts 45 -60 minutes)
  • A lot of ideas in template book

  • Need to buy special filaments
  • Learning curve to get it working properly
  • Costly to make larger projects
  • No display

One of the original 3D printing pens to hit the market, the 3Doodler is still one of the best choices. This pen is designed to be safe above all. The special plastic used cools rapidly, ensuring that even young children can have fun in a safe environment.

It’s compact design and large button is easy to hold and easy to use, so you can pick it up and start creating brilliant 3D creations right away. The pen set includes everything you need to get started. You’ve got a large variety of eco-friendly, BPA-free plastics to create your world in the color of your choosing.

If you’re not sure where to start, 3Doodler has hundreds of free stencils you can download and print for free, giving you an incredible creative experience. The 3Doodler has no complicated set up procedure, allowing you to get creating within minutes of opening the box.

Clones that are almost identical in construction:
– None discovered

Consumebly Recommends

“The 3Doodler Start is great for an artistic child or for anyone who just begins with the 3D printing. With its thick and ergonomic design, this 3D pen fits perfectly into a hand. While it runs on a special type of filament, it is still pretty affordable.”

Consumebly´s Choice #2 - Soyan

3d pen soyan with label

Ideal for:
– Beginners & hobbyists

  • Great performance (with minimal clogging)
  • Adjustable flow and speed of melted filament
  • Motor and pen are quite silent
  • Great for welding of 3D models

  • Smells after burned plastics
  • Must be plugged in when used
  • No LCD screen

Whether you’re a beginner or a hobbyist on a tight budget, the Soyan 3D Printing Pen is an excellent choice. It’s a compact design that is easier to handle, giving you more control over your creations. The flow rate can be adjusted with the press of a button.

This allows you to choose between rapidly producing anything that pops into your imagination or carefully crafting a model exactly the way you want. The learning curve is quick, allowing you to start creating right away.

You can purchase the Soyan in a variety of great looking colors, and all the material you need to get started is included. You’ve got 30 grams of a colorful filament, giving you countless hours of creative fun before you’ll need to refill. The filament is durable and can be used both freehand, or even on paper.

Consumebly Recommends

“The Soyan is ideal for beginners and hobbyists because it offers good ergonomic grip with better flow-control. We do not recommend this model for children because its tip becomes hot and can burn the skin.”

Consumebly´s Choice #3 - AtmosFlare

atmosflare 3d printing pen

Ideal for:
– Kids & beginners

  • Safe to work with (no hot parts)
  • Uses cool ink filament with UV light
  • Easy to use after a while
  • Wireless

  • Takes time to get used to using it
  • Refills are hard to get and last not very long
  • Works on batteries
  • Ink may be sticky if not cured by UV light properly

The AtmosFlare 3D pen puts a unique twist on a classic design. This pen is perfect for the perfectionist. The slow rate of extrusion produces an incredibly accurate design, letting you get your creations exactly the way that you want them.

For additional accuracy, a ring of blue LEDs can be found by the head, making sure that even those tight spaces are completely illuminated. This is one of the most accurate 3D printing pens in this category, creating incredible results as long as you are willing to be patient.

It’s ideal for an older audience of 12 and up. People who have found themselves disappointed with the results of other 3D printing pens may want to give this one a try.

Part of its performance is due in part to its build quality. It’s solidly built and ergonomic to hold in the hand. It’s well balanced, allowing you to exercise precision and accuracy while you create your dreams.

Clones that are almost identical in construction:
– None discovered

Consumebly Recommends

“The AtmosFlare 3D pen is more suitable as a toy for children and beginners rather than a tool for professional artists. It uses a UV light to cure and harden the CoolInk instead of a melted plastics. Therefore it does not include any hot parts so it is safe to use by kids.”

Top 3D Printing Pen under $80.00

If you’re willing to spend a little extra money, there are plenty of high-quality 3D pens for you to choose from. We’ve gone through them all and hand-selected the top three 3D printing pens in this price range.

Consumebly´s Choice #1 - Sunveza

sunveza 3d pen with box

Ideal for:
– Hobbyists & artists

  • Comfortable and ergonomic design
  • LED Screen
  • Various control features
  • Includes pen holder

  • Takes time to learn to use it properly
  • Not wireless
  • Includes hot parts (children require adult suprevision)

This is a pen that takes handheld 3D printing to the next level. The first thing you’ll notice about it is the professionally designed casing, looking more like a surgical device than a fun method of artistic expression. But thanks to the high-quality design and bonus shaping tool, you’ll be able to create objects with a higher degree of accuracy than any inexpensive pens.

It’s designed to be used by both consumers and businesses who need to prototype products, highlighting how accurate it is. Despite its professional quality, it’s still very easy to use. Just like using a pen, you can pick it up and start creating incredible 3D objects instantly.

Clones that are almost identical in construction:

Consumebly Recommends

“Its ease of use makes it suitable for both adults and children over the age of 14. It can easily be charged in the included docking station that is both functional and stylish, making it an excellent addition to any desk.”

Consumebly´s Choice #2 – MYNT3D

mynt3d pen with label

Ideal for:
– Hobbyists & artists

  • Ergonomic and comfortable design
  • OLED display
  • No batteries required
  • Adjustable temperature from 130 to 240C (by 1 degree increments)
  • USB power cord

  • Can get jammed after not using it for a while

This professional grade 3D printing pen gives you more control over your creations than any in its class. Two simple buttons let you adjust the extrusion rate, changing between lightening quick mockups of your best ideas or careful crafting of the perfect creation. There are multiple speeds, so you can choose anything in between to make things exactly the way you want.

But the speed isn’t all you can control, there is also an OLED display that lets you adjust the temperature. Increasing the heat produces softer, more malleable objects and is perfect for filling in details, or increasing thickness to an existing structure. At lower temperatures, the output is solid and durable allowing you to get the plastic exactly where you want it.

The pen includes the ergonomic stylus, a charger, and three different colors of high-quality ABS plastic so you can create whatever your heart desires.

Consumebly Recommends

“The MYNT3D is a very durable product that offers excellent control of temperature and extrusion rate. Not only that, it fits perfectly in hand and will provide each hobbyist with hours of fun.”

Consumebly´s Choice #3 - 7TECH

7tech 3d printing pen with box

Ideal for:
– Beginners & hobbyists

  • No batteries required
  • Very quiet model
  • LCD display
  • Good control features and unclogging mechanisms

  • Takes some time to get used to using it properly
  • Power adapter must be plugged in (does not hold charge)
  • Several complaints about the product quality

This 3D printing pen offers you plenty of choice in your creations, saving you money on supplies. It’s designed to work with two different types of plastics. 1.75mm ABS is excellent for producing structural items, as it hardens quickly and is quite rigid. PLA filament can also be used for creating artistic designs, with a much lower purchase cost.

This pen is very lightweight at only 65g and is perfect for both adults and children 8 and up. It won’t break down or clog up, thanks to a smooth interior and advanced anti-clogging mechanisms that keep it fully operational.

Clones that are almost identical in construction:
– Plusinno, Manve.

Consumebly Recommends

“The 7Tech 3D printing pen offers much better features when using it for a still affordable price. Like many others in this class, extrusion speed can also be controlled. For advanced creations, this is a must-have for many consumers.”

Top 3D Printing Pen under $100.00

At this price point, you’re starting to get into some serious pieces of hardware. 3D Printing pens approaching $100 tend to last longer and have more advanced features than the competition. Let’s take a look at some of the best models that you can buy today.

Consumebly´s Choice #1 - MorphPen

morphpen with label

Ideal for:
– Hobbyists & artists

  • Includes longer power USB cord
  • Ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Can be powered with power bank
  • OLED display
  • Easy-to-use controls

  • None discovered

The MorphPen Professional combines quality with comfort to make an excellent 3D printing pen. The compact, square case is incredibly easy and comfortable to hold in your hand. You’ll be able to maneuver it more easily, improving the quality of your creations. But it’s not just the ergonomics that make this pen so great, it’s also the controls.

You can gradually increase, decrease, or pause the flow of plastic with just a touch of a button. The controls are conveniently placed on the front, so you’ll be able to change the operation procedure with ease, even as you’re in the middle of your creation.

The kit contains everything you need to get started, including a charger, 5 different colors of plastic, a replacement nozzle, 50 drawing stencils, and a power bank that will let you draw for hours even if you’re away from an outlet.

Clones that are almost identical in construction:
– None discovered

Consumebly Recommends

“For a complete beginner, the MorphPen Professional may be a little bit pricey 3D pen, but if you are a more skilled hobbyist or an artist, then there is no better option for you,especially if your budget is around $100.00!”

Consumebly´s Choice #2 - 3Doodler 2.0 (Create)

3doodler create with label

Ideal for:
– Hobbyists & real enthusiasts

  • Thin ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Easy to control
  • Non-toxic filaments

  • This model is not wireless
  • No display
  • Uses thicker filaments (3 mm)

Taking the popular design of the basic 3Doodler, the company has expanded it to create a much more luxurious product for regular users. The pen is both compact and smooth, making it extremely enjoyable and comfortable to use. The rubber soft-touch button is easy to depress, preventing any hand cramps from use.

The pen is ready to use in as little as 60 to 90 seconds, letting you start almost immediately. Included with it is a charging base station, which allows you to store all of your plastics in an easy to reach manner.

There are also multiple tips available, letting you control the size, shape, and behavior of the pen. 3Doodler has a huge community around their products, so there is no shortage of designs and concepts you can use and share.

Clones that are almost identical in construction:
– None discovered

Consumebly Recommends

“If you are a type of person who cares for the environment and still want to have a stylish 3D pen, then you should get the 3Doodler Create. Thanks to its special non-toxic filament you will be avoiding any dangerous fumes. It also features a lightweight aluminum shell for a more comfortable usage.”

Consumebly´s Choice #3 - SketchPro

scetchpro 3d drawing pen

Ideal for:
– Hobbyists & real enthusiasts

  • Quickly heats up to working temperature
  • Large LED screen
  • Lightweight model with a comfortable grip

  • No indicator of right temperature
  • Hot filament curls as it comes out
  • This model is not cordless

If you’re sick of struggling with the controls of your 3D pen, you’ll love the SketchPro. It’s got a large display on the face, showing you the extrusion rate and temperature. Buttons are conveniently located right where your finger rests, allowing you to adjust settings on the fly.

It includes several rolls of plastic, letting you get started right away. Unlike the models that use a single stick, the rolls allow you to keep drawing as long as your heart desires, without having to stop for a refill.

Clones that are almost identical in construction:
– None discovered

Consumebly Recommends

“When designing the SketchPro, the manufacturer made sure that safety was a number one concern. It’s designed to be used by both adults and children 10 and up, so there is no risk of burns or other hazards. The design is ergonomic, allowing it to comfortably fit in your hands.”

Top 3D Printing Pen under $150.00

If you want the best of the best, these 3D printing pens can provide it. These are the highest quality models with the most features, so you don’t have to make any sacrifices.

Consumebly´s Choice #1 - Lix Pen

lix pen with label

Ideal for:
– Artists & real enthusiasts

  • Sleek, elegant, comfortable design
  • Thinnest 3D pen on the market
  • Very easy to use and control
  • Heats up and cools down very quickly
  • Runs very quietly
  • Powered through USB cable and power bank

  • Buttons and controls could have some markings
  • The filament may curl as it comes out of pen

The Lix is one of the most unique 3D pens ever to be released. While most are quite large, the Lix is not bigger than a standard art pen. But just because it’s small in size, doesn’t mean that it’s small in features. It uses specially designed ABS rods that cool much more quickly than others, allowing you to create intricate designs even in the free air.

One of the most striking features is the attractive design. Its smooth body is almost completely bare save for a modern looking LED indicator and the textured grip. The design will certainly stand out in your studio, but won’t look out of place.

Clones that are almost identical in construction:
– None discovered

Consumebly Recommends

“The Lix is also incredibly high quality, machined from aluminum. Its compact design gives you the same level of comfort and precision you’d get with a drafting pen, and it’s built well enough to withstand heavy abuse. If size is your biggest concern, this is likely the best purchase for you.” 

Consumebly´s Choice #2 - GENESIS

genesis 3d pen with label

Ideal for:
– Artists & real enthusiasts

  • Ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Unlimited warranty
  • Excellent pen holder
  • LED screen

  • Some people complain about products durability

As soon as you hold the GENESIS in your hand, you’ll know that it’s one of the best. The design is not only compact but also incredibly durable and high-quality. It’s solidly built but doesn’t feel too heavy or cumbersome. The ergonomics and balance are great. After a while, you’ll feel as if it’s an extension of your hand.

You can use both PLA and ABS material with this pen, and five different colors are included. The heat control lets you set the temperature, but an advanced controller keeps it working smoothly.

When you’re operating at high speeds, the temperature will automatically increase to keep fluidity. When working at lower speeds, it will be reduced to prevent the plastic from melting too much as it passes through the element.

Clones that are almost identical in construction:
– None discovered

Consumebly Recommends

“We really love the GENESIS 3D pen as it is incredibly comfortable and offers an excellent stand. With its unlimited warranty, this product is one of the top offers. The best part? You don’t need to worry about the inner workings with the GENESIS, simply work on your design and the internal settings are handled automatically.”

Consumebly´s Choice #3 - CreoPop

creopop 3d pen with label

Ideal for:
– Artists & real enthusiasts

  • Unique and comfortable design
  • Lot of settings for absolute control
  • No hot parts or plastics
  • Non-toxic ink filament

  • UV light can damage your eyes
  • Filaments can be very costly (ink runs out very fast)

When you’re away from an outlet, using 3D pens can be a bit of a frustrating procedure. Even the battery operated ones seem to last for a short amount of time, or don’t provide the same high levels of heat offered by advanced models.

The CreoPop has changed all that, giving you the impressive quality you’ve come to expect with a built-in battery that lasts for hours. But one of the most interesting features of this pen is the material. It’s not using plastic; it’s using a special ink.

The ink remains in fluid form while in the chamber but hardens upon exposure to a special LED light. This means that your creations harden the second they leave the pen, and they’ll be cool to the touch. This makes it great for both adults and kids and brings your creativity to the next level.

Clones that are almost identical in construction:
– None discovered

Consumebly Recommends

“Although the CreoPop pen will cost you more, it delivers awesome experience thanks to the built-in battery. Definitely, CreoPop lives up to the promise of letting you draw in 3D space. However, you will need time, patience and a lot of photopolymer gel.”

Shoppers Guide: Choosing The Best 3D Printing Pen

It might seem overwhelming when you’re shopping for your first 3D pen, but the process is actually quite simple! We’ll take a look at the most important factors that will help you determine which 3D printing pen is right for you.

Factor #1: The Way You Are Going to Use This Pen

The first thing to consider is what you are going to use the pen for. If you simply want to have fun and create 3D objects quickly, you’ll want one with a high extrusion speed.

If you’re more meticulous or using it for business purposes, you’ll want one with a smaller filament and slower extrusion speed as you’ll be able to draw with greater accuracy.

Factor #2: The Type of Filament You Will Use

Filaments can be purchased that have different behaviors. Your choice will directly impact how you can use the pen. The standard ones (such as ABS) remain fairly rigid, making sure that every piece you draw holds its shape. You can also find flexible ones (such as PLA) that will remain rubbery when dry, which is ideal for many artistic applications.

Composite filaments (such as CoolInk) take the best features of the two and start off rubbery, but slowly harden. This allows you to adjust your designs after they are printed, giving you more control.

Factor #3: The Shape & Size of Your Pen

The shape and ergonomics are also an important factor. Some 3D printing pens are quite compact, making them easy to use in the hand. This small size often comes at the expense of temperature and battery life.

If you need the features found in a high-end pen, it might be worth the extra size and weight. But if you’re just a casual user, spending a little more on a compact model may be more comfortable.

Factor #4: Extra Features

3D printing pens can be simple in design or have many advanced features. Some allow you to control the temperature and extrusion rate. Others are available with an LCD display that shows your current settings.

High-end 3D printing pens even detect or prevent jammed filaments, saving you from manually cleaning it. If you spend a little more, you can often find all of these features. But if you don’t think they will be useful, you might as well save a few dollars and get a simpler model.

Factor #5: History of Product´s Brand

Purchasing a name brand 3D printing pen has a few key benefits. They’ll be more durable, making sure they last even with regular use.

You’ll also be able to find accessories more easily, or replacement parts of necessary. On the other hand, no-name models are quite a bit cheaper, making them ideal for casual or occasional users.

Factor #6: Reviews Published by Real Customers

Last of all, take the time to read through a few customer reviews. You’ll see firsthand their personal experience, allowing you purchase a high-quality 3D pen confidently.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ #1: What is a 3D printing pen?

The primary function of a 3D printing pen is to draw 3-dimensional objects. Ink pens are restricted to paper, but 3D printing pens can create plastic models of any object. Essentially, you’re able to draw anywhere you like, even in thin air.

FAQ #2: How does it work?

All 3D printing pens start with a base material. Most of them are loaded with a long plastic filament. Inside is a small heating element. The plastic is pulled through the pen and passed over the element, heating it until it melts into liquid.

This liquid starts to cool and is just on the verge of solidifying as it’s pushed out of the pen. Once it leaves, it takes form creating a shape that follows the path of your hand.

FAQ #3: What are 3D printing pens used for?

The uses are virtually endless. The most common use is art. Just as you’d draw on a piece of paper, a 3D printing pen allows you to create unique art that has a whole other dimension to it. Other people like to make little decorations to place around their house.

If you own a standard 3D printer, these pens can be used like a welder to join components or add additional features. In business, 3D printing pens are used for mockups and prototypes.

FAQ #4: Why should I choose 3D printing pen over a 3D printer?

Although 3D printers are very accurate, they require advanced knowledge of digital design using CAD software. Designing and printing things can take hours with a 3D printer but will take form in real time with a pen. Finally, 3D printing pens are a fraction of the cost of printers, which can cost up to $10,000.

FAQ #5: Should I choose a 3D plastic pen or a cool ink pen?

Plastic 3D printing pens are by far the most popular. They are readily available, and the material is easy to find. In many cases, they are also a little cheaper. Cool ink pens can have an advantage, as there are no hot parts. This makes them safe to use, even for children. Currently, only the CreoPop allows you to draw in 3D space, just like a plastic pen.

Other models require you to draw parts on a flat surface, allow them to dry, then attach them later. But the CreoPop combines all the great features of plastic pens, with the safety of a heatless medium.