Best Outdoor Projector Screens with Reviews & Buyer´s Guide

best outdoor projectors on the market

If you’re looking to enjoy movies outdoors, there is no better way than with an outdoor projection screen. When combined with one of the outdoor projectors we’ve recommended, these screens recreate the experience of a theater in your own backyard.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of these systems is cost.

You might think that an outdoor projection system costs an arm and a leg, but you’ll soon find out that they are very affordable.  The hardest part is choosing the one that’s right for you.

We’ve gone through and found the best outdoor projection screens on the market, so you don’t have to. Depending on your needs, there are a few different categories you can look at. First, let’s take a look at our favorite projector screens. Then, we’ll cover everything you need to know before buying.

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Comparison Table for Outdoor Projector Screens

Airblown 39121-32airblown 39121 32 123″x77″ Check Amazon Inflatable White Vinyl
LOCH IWS140loch iws140 122″x68.5″ Check Amazon Inflatable Matte White Vinyl
Huge Airblownhuge screen by holiday styling 125″x75″ Check Amazon Inflatable White Vinyl
Camp Chef OS132camp chef os132 115″x65″ Check Amazon Steel Oxford Nylon
Elite Screens Yard Master 2elite screens outdoor projector 104″x59″ Check Amazon Aluminium CineWhite PVC
LOCH 200”loch 200 inch inflatable outdoor movie screen 174″x86.2″ Check Amazon Inflatable Matte White Vinyl
ProjectoScreen144HDvisual apex projectoscreen144hd 125″x71″ Check Amazon Aluminium Matte White Elastic PVC
Camp Chef 120″camp chef os120 104″x59″ Check Amazon Steel Oxford Nylon
Yard Master 2 (100″)elite screens yard master 2 100 inch 87.1″x49.1″ Check Amazon Aluminium CineWhite PVC
  Yard Master Series (200″)elite screens massive screen 174.3″x98.1″ Check Amazon Steel DynaWhite Nylon
 Open Air Cinema Screen (16-feet)open air cinema 16 feet outdoor home projector screen 192″x108″ Check Amazon Inflatable Matte White Nylon
Yard Master Series (180″)elite screens yard master 200 inch 156.9″x88.3″ Check Amazon Steel DynaWhite Nylon

If you do not want to go through our detailed shopping guide for any reason, here are our best picks in individual categories:

Top Inflatable Outdoor Projection Screens

For the casual user, an inflatable screen will often be your first choice. There are two main features that put inflatable models at the top of many peoples lists. First, they are very easy to set up. There is no awkward fumbling with large structural components, saving you unnecessary headache. They are also easy to pack up. Once deflated, you can simply roll them up like a tent, storing them away for next time.

Consumebly´s Choice #1 - Airblown 39121-32

airblown 39121 32

If you’re looking for an easy to use inflatable projection screen, this Airblown model should be one of the first ones you look at. The screen is massive, measuring 123×77 inches. Setting it up is incredibly simple.

Just take a few of the included stakes and tethers, placing them in the general area you’d like to screen to sit. Then, flick the switch on the back to activate the pump. In a matter of minutes, the screen will be fully inflated – all on its own!

Its size is perfect for most general-purpose use. It’s large enough to give the full cinema experience but compact enough that you’re not going to be struggling to find a place to put it.


“We recommend this screen for people on the go. You can use it in the park, out camping, or even in your own back yard!”

Consumebly´s Choice #2 - LOCH IWS140

loch iws140

For some people, bigger is always better. In that case, you’ll certainly want to check out the Loch IWS140 Inflatable Projection Screen. This model has a unique design. Both the stand and the face are all a single unit, so set up is just a matter of turning on the included industrial-grade blower.

Because the stand is inflatable, it can even be used in the water! The best part of all? Despite its huge size, the powerful blower can inflate it in only 30 seconds!


“Because of its large size, we recommend this projector for professional or public use. Any time you are showing movies to a very large group, the LOCH IWS140 will be your first choice.”

Consumebly´s Choice #3 - Huge Airblown

huge screen by holiday styling

This ten-foot inflatable movie screen is similar in design to the LOCH model, but has a few key features. For starters, it’s a little more compact. When deflated, it can easily be carried around by one person. But don’t let the numbers fool you, this is still one large screen.

For groups of up to 20 people, the experience will be just like having the best seats in the movie theater. You might not want to be setting it up and taking it down all the time.

Lucky, unlike other models which are all one piece, the white screen actually unzips from the front. This makes it easy to wash at the end of the year, so you can keep your movies looking great.


“We recommend this screen for families, or small groups. It’s still large enough to create an enjoyable experience, but versatile enough to be used residentially.”

Top Rear Projection Screens

Rear projection screens have a few advantages over front throw models. Generally, these huge screens are used by large groups. Of course, the center of the screen is the best seat in the house. But when your projector is set up in front, it takes up all of this valuable seating. With a rear projection, you can place your projector in the back. This frees up plenty of space for seating. These projectors are ideal for anyone who has special concerns, but still wants a nice large screen.

Consumebly´s Choice #1 - Camp Chef OS132

camp chef os132

The Camp Chef OS132 rear projection screen is perfect for the family that wants to enjoy outdoor movies together. Its rigid frame is made up of several strong metal poles that easily snap together. There is no need to deal with annoying tethers, as the metal feet hold it perfectly in place.

Once you’ve got the frame up, clipping the screen into place is just as easy. Just unroll it from its self-contained case, clip the bands onto the poles, and you’ve got yourself a large, 132” screen in a matter of minutes!


“Due to its size, this is the perfect screen for groups of 5 to 10 people. It’s one of the most compact on our list, and is easy enough to be set up by just one person.”

Consumebly´s Choice #2 - Elite Screens Yard Master 2

elite screens outdoor projector

The yard master 2 is the rear projection screen designed for serious movie buffs who are concerned about quality. Like other compact screens, it’s assembled with a number of easy to use metal poles. Then you slip the high quality tensioned PVC screen right on top, and you’re ready to go!

What separates this screen from others is the quality of the PVC. It’s got an accurate gain of 2.2, and a large viewing angle ensuring that movies look just as good on the big screen as they do on your TV.


“This screen is ideal for anyone who’s spent the money to get a high-quality projector. The WraithVeil screen material is among the best in this category, ensuring your movies look great.”

Consumebly´s Choice #3 - LOCH 200” Inflatable Projection Screen

loch 200 inch inflatable outdoor movie screen

We had mentioned that rear projection screens were popular with large groups. If you’re bringing the entire neighborhood over for a movie night, then the Loch 200” inflatable projector screen is the one you want.

This is among the biggest in the market, and yet it can still be set up in as little as 50 seconds. Due to its soft design, it’s possible to put it virtually anywhere. The lake, the backyard, or even the park!


“For large events, corporate functions, or business use, the Loch 200” inflatable projection screen would be a great choice. There aren’t any other rear projection screens that would suit a group of 50+ people so easily.”

Top Smaller Screens Under 144”

For families or smaller groups, these screens are the perfect size for your group. They are still often four times larger than your typical television, but are small enough to carry around with you. These screens are typically built around a frame. Just clip a few simple parts together, slip the screen over the top, and you’re ready to go!

Consumebly´s Choice #1 - Visual Apex ProjectoScreen144HD

visual apex projectoscreen144hd

The Visual Apex projection screen is one of the most dynamic and adaptable models on the market. The first key feature is its simple locking mechanisms that make for quick assembly. Just remove the folded unit from the bag, extend it to full size, and place the screen on top. It only takes a matter of minutes!

This screen can be used easily with inexpensive projectors due to the black backing. This prevents light from being lost, so your picture is always clear. It can also be used in hanging applications, by removing the legs.


“We recommend this screen for anyone who is going to be using their outdoor projector a lot. Its quick and easy assembly saves you tons of time, perfect if you’re going to be moving it regularly.”

Consumebly´s Choice #2 - Camp Chef 120-Inch

camp chef os120

This 120” screen is suitable for use both indoors and out. The nylon material is a little stretchier than most, ensuring that it won’t warp or distort with age. The screen comes in a simple, easy to carry case that is both durable and compact, making it easy to take on the go.


“We recommend this screen for the family that likes to be prepared. Because it’s so compact to pack up, you can throw it in the trunk of your car and have it ready anytime you like.”

Consumebly´s Choice #3 - Elite Screens Yard Master 2 (100-inch)

elite screens yard master 2 100 inch

This outdoor projection screen by Elite screens combines quality with size, so you don’t have to make any sacrifices. This is one of the few screens that uses a high quality textured PVC material suitable for 4k projectors, with viewing angles of up to 160 inches. It’s available in both a rear and front projection model, so it can be adapted to any purpose.


“If you want a compact screen but still require a high-quality image, Elite Screens is the first brand we’d pick.”

Top Larger Screens over 144”

Larger screens are suitable for larger groups, or families who want the most immersive experience possible. In this category, the screens typically have all the features of the smaller models but in a bigger package.

Consumebly´s Choice #1 - Elite Screens Yard Master Series, 200-in

elite screens massive screen

When it comes to outdoor cinema, the Yard Master is one of the ultimate projector screens on the market. It uses the same Dynawhite projection material that’s found in the highest quality indoor screens, but in a size which is literally larger than life.


“DynaWhite is suitable for 4K projectors and provides an unbelievable 180-degree viewing range. No matter where you’re sitting, this screen will still look incredible.”

Consumebly´s Choice #2 - Open Air Cinema 16-feet Outdoor Home Projector Screen

open air cinema 16 feet outdoor home projector screen

This 220” screen is one of the largest on the market. They’ve taken the best design elements from inflatable screens, and combined it with a rope tether system to find the perfect balance between compact size and ease of use. Because there are no metal structural elements, it only weighs 17 pounds when disassembled!


“If you have a large yard, this is the only choice for those of you who want the largest screen on the market.”

Consumebly´s Choice #3 - Elite Screens Yard Master (180-inch)

elite screens yard master 200 inch

There are a few key differences between this screen and the 200-inch yard master. The stand is much more compact than the large model, requiring only two stands rather than three.

Even though you lose 20 inches of display size, it makes it much easier to set up. But you still get the high-quality DynaWhite material, which offers a 1.1 Gain and durable design.


“This is another high-quality screen designed for people who demand quality but in a much more compact package.”

Shoppers Guide: Choosing The Best Screen for Outdoor Projectors

Now that you’ve seen the best outdoor projector screens on the market, let’s take a look and see how you choose them. There are a few different factors you need to keep in mind.

Factor #1: Size

Outdoor projector screens are available in sizes ranging from 100 inches to 220 inches. Which size is right for you will depend on the size of your group, the quality of your projector, and where you’ll be seated. If it’s just you and the family huddled up around the screen, a 100-inch display is plenty.

But for groups of 50 or more, you’ll want to go towards the other end of the spectrum. That being said, the price is also going to be a large factor. Smaller screens can be bought for only a few hundred dollars, but high-quality large screens are often over $500.

Factor #2: Overall Portability

Are you going to be moving the screen around a lot? If so, you have two options to get a nice portable model. At the lowest end of the price range is an inflatable model. These tend to be a little larger, but can be reduced to an easy-to-carry size. You can pick these up for around $200 and up.

You can pick these up for around $200 and up. Alternately, you’ll want to look at the frame-based models under 144.” These are a little more expensive but are generally a little higher quality.

Factor #3: Screen Color

Most screens will be white, but you will also come across a few models that are black on the rear. This coating helps to reflect additional light, making your screen seem a little brighter. The other thing you can look for is a gain. 1.2 gain is a little brighter, lightening up your image.

Factor #4: Screen Material

Most screens are going to be vinyl or PVC. Vinyl screens are as low as $150 in some cases but provide the worse image quality. PVC is much better and starts at $250.

If you want the best quality possible, you’re going to want a brand-name DynaWhite screen. These are usually priced upwards of $750, but they provide the best possible image quality.

Factor #5: Frame Material

When portability is a concern, an aluminum frame is your best choice. They’re very lightweight and easy to carry around. For large displays, steel is a great option. Steel is heavier but much stronger.

This is good for large screens as it prevents them from toppling over if there is a gust of wind. Steel does come at a higher price, though, as it’s rare to find a steel-frame screen for under $300

Factor #6: Inflatability & Ease of Assembly

Inflatable screens can cost as little as $150 but are very easy to set up. If you spend a little extra, you can get one with a high-speed pump that can inflate a screen in under a minute. Aluminum frames take much longer to set up unless you find a model with a bracketed frame that clicks into place.

Factor #7: Possibility of Rear Projection

One of the biggest choices you’ll have to make is whether you’d prefer a rear projection, or a front projection screen. Front projection screens are the most reflective. They tend to have a high gain and are the easiest to set up.

But the disadvantage is that the projector needs to be mounted right where everyone is sitting. If you upgrade to a rear projection screen, you’ve got a few additional benefits. You can place the projector on the opposite side, where it will be out of the way.

Rear projection screens also tend to have higher contrast ratios and a little better image quality. For this to work, however, you need a brighter projector. You also want to make sure that the sun isn’t setting behind the screen, or your image will be washed out.

Factor #8:  Brand & Manufacturer

The brand is another important thing to consider when selecting a projector screen. Currently, the best on the market is Elite Screens. They tend to make high quality, cinema-grade screens. If you have a high-end projector, these will blow most out of the water.

The downside is that most of them are priced starting at $600 and up. You can save a lot of money going with a cheaper screen, but you’ll want to do your research and make sure it’s been recommended.

Factor #9: Customer Reviews

At a glance, customer reviews are one of the best ways to tell how good a projection screen is. You’ll get to see firsthand what actual buyers thought of it, and can often discover small usability issues that you would never have thought of.

Remember, customers are much more likely to leave a comment if they were unhappy with a product. If you see lots of positive reviews, that’s a really good sign!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

FAQ#1: What size screen should I get?

It’s easy to get caught trying to get the biggest screen possible, but it’s important to think about how you will use the screen before you decide which size to get. For small groups that will be sitting close to the screen, 100” to 140” is plenty.

Medium sized groups of 5 to 15 people will do well with a screen sized between 120” and 160.” If you’re going to have a very large group sitting far away from a screen, then you might want to consider one of the few 200” screens available.

FAQ#2: How should I store the projector screen?

The last thing you want to do is ruin your new projector screen, so it needs to be stored correctly. When not in use, it should be stored in its packaging. To prevent mold and mildew, make sure it is completely dry and stored in a covered area.

Most screens are designed to be rolled up and included clips or ties to do so. You don’t want to crumple or crease a screen, as this can leave unsightly marks.

FAQ#3: Can I use projector screen in windy locations?

This really depends on what you qualify as windy. Smaller screens or lightweight models (like the inflatable ones) can be used in mild to moderate winds as long as they are anchored down correctly. If it’s starting to look like a bit of a storm, you will certainly want to take your screen down.

FAQ#4: What does gain mean?

Gain is a way that we can measure how reflective a screen is. Gain is always expressed as a ratio comparing it to a standard whiteboard, just like the ones used in offices and schools. Most outdoor screens have a gain of 1, although high-end models often gave the gain of up to 2.2.

FAQ#5: What color and aspect ratio should my screen have?

Whenever possible, you’re going to want a 16:9 aspect ratio screen. This is the same size used in standard HDTV signals and ensures that you won’t have black bars on either side.

White screens are the most popular, and our main recommendation for color. If you are using it while the sun is up, you may want to purchase a screen that has a black rear side.

FAQ#6: What should I use for cleaning my screen?

You should always consult the manual before washing a screen. Most of them have special coatings that can be damaged if washed incorrectly. Generally, you can use mild soap and water to wash your screen. Pure vinyl ones are a little more durable and can be easily washed with a hose and spray nozzle.

FAQ#7: Should I consider sunset direction when placing my screen?

Absolutely. Sun direction is one of the most important things to consider when placing your screen. Usually, you want your projector to be placed at an angle of 90 degrees from the sun. If the sun is behind your projector, the image will be washed out.

If it’s in front of the projector, the sun will shine through the display unless you have one with a light-blocking back. Remember, unless you have a very high-end projector it’s generally advisable to wait until the sun is setting before you start watching movies.